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Herdsmen, ko! I’m going to Libya!

BY USORO USORO People of God, pr-a-i-s-e the God! Hallelujah! Brethren, I have a testimony. First, I thank God that we’ve all seen this new yam, sorry, year. My brothers and sisters, God has put the devil to shame. Amen? Amen! For years, I was without work. But God sent word of comfort to me towards the end of 2017. ...

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A frolic on the Red Sea

By FEMI ADESINA It was a gust of chilly wind that said Akwaaba (welcome, in Ghanaian language) to me in the Jordanian city of Aqaba, that night of December 1, 2017.

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With Mugabe’s Era Ending in Zimbabwe, a Warning Echoes in Africa

  By NORIMITSU ONISHI and ALAN COWELL JOHANNESBURG — When Zimbabwe’s generals moved against President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday, their action foreshadowed the potential end of more than just one political career.

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Diogu wins MVP award at FIBA AfroBasket 2017

Ike Diogu on Saturday received the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award offered by Tissot following his dominant performance at the FIBA AfroBasket 2017 in Tunisia.

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By Ebun Adegboruwa   It’s just so amazing, that our entire life has been swallowed up in this frenzy and support, for the Buhari administration, as to even justify the clampdown on civilians by the military, in a supposed democratic government, birthed under the rule of law, human rights and freedoms.

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10 things employers should not say to an employee

David K. Williams , CONTRIBUTOR   1. You’re fortunate we gave you a job. Few companies would have the patience and time to invest in you. Don’t make your employees feel like burdens. Encourage them to be better, but don’t condemn them for their shortcomings. 2. You look really good for your age. Beyond the legal issues this brings up ...

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