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Catching the hackers in the act

Recent research suggest that cyber-criminals attack servers newly set up online hours after they are switched on. The servers were part of an experiment the BBC asked a security company to carry out to judge the scale and calibre of cyber-attacks that firms face every day. About 71 minutes after the servers were set up online they were visited by ...

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EU slaps Google with record $2.7 billion fine

European Union regulators slapped Google with a record €2.4 billion ($2.7 billion) antitrust fine on Tuesday, the latest broadside fired at big American tech companies doing business in the region. The European Commission found that the U.S. tech giant denied “consumers a genuine choice” by using its search engine to unfairly steer them to its own shopping platform. Regulators said ...

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What you must know about your phone

Your phone has been keeping a comprehensive list of everywhere you’ve been – and you might not even know. Whether you use iOS or Android, handsets have ways of watching where their owners are going and keeping a record of all of that information. The data can be a very useful way of reminding yourself where you’ve been or when ...

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