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Champions League final: Fans set out for Kiev after flight cancellations

Liverpool fans have been setting out on their journeys to Kiev for the Champions League final after a series of flight cancellations.

Two travel companies axed flights in the week, leaving some supporters unable to make the game against Real Madrid.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport said 4,500 passengers were due to fly to the Ukrainian capital on Saturday morning.

A spokesman said flights were running as scheduled.

“Things are running on time, fans are really cooperative – so far, so good,” Robin Tudor said.

A total of 23 flights, departing from 03:00 BST, are carrying passengers.

Excitement has been building ahead of Liverpool’s first Champions League final in 11 years.

One fan told BBC Breakfast: “I’m really nervous but it’s the whole day of it, it’s the excitement, the buzz, the fans and and I can’t wait to get to Kiev and join in with the atmosphere.”

Another who arrived in Ukraine earlier said: “Friends of ours have had flights cancelled, they have managed to rearrange to get here – we’re here, we’re ready for it and we’re going to win it.”

Myriad Travel said its flight on Friday had been cancelled by its supplier as the aircraft “does not have the correct licence to fly”.

Three other flights from the Liverpool-based company will go ahead and affected customers will be refunded.

Operator Worldchoice Sports cancelled three flights on Thursday but secured one extra three-night trip.

Myriad Travel said it had been trying to source alternatives but had been unable to do so.

The flight was provided by aircraft charter company Air Partner Ltd.

A spokesman for Air Partner said the company “deeply regret” that the original aircraft was unable to fly.

“On Thursday morning, we offered a number of alternative aircraft solutions to the travel agent that contracted us, but they declined them, and we fully refunded the travel agent,” the spokesman added.



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