Barely one month after the Ebonyi state governor  David Umahi’ barred some journalists for life, the governor has also bared Almajirai from migrating into the state as part of the measure adopted by his government to curtain the spread of Coronavirus in the state.

Umahi made the declaration on Wednesday in Abakaliki during a live broadcast after the State Security Council meeting.

Umahi also called on all the herdsmen in the state to keep their cows in check,warning that he would auction without delay any cow that obstruct his convoy again in the state.
He said: ” We will not be afraid to say that there will not be Amajiris in Ebonyi state and the Northern Governors I commend them, they said go to your state of origin. So, why will the youths that want us to fight take to social media to start saying that Amajiris are coming to south east that they should be allowed to come in. Is it part of the social distancing? We will not allow Amajiris in Ebonyi state. Ebonyi will not allow Amajiris, they should go to their state of origin. We have to as a people to begin to tell ourselves the truth.
“I have directed with the Chief security officer to meet with the security people. Please I don’t want to see any cow within the premesis of the centenary city. How can I be struggling with cows to come into government. Please, in the entire centenary city, I don’t want to see any cow. Not just government house, anywhere that is called centenary city; international market, the mall. This is insulting. So, security people should do meeting with the cattle rearers whether it is Hausa cows or Igbo cows because I can also see some Igbo cows and I don’t want to see it again.
” Anyone we see,Attorney General, you move to court to get order of the court to auction it. So, we will not see that again, we will not allow that again”

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