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Davido arrives Lagos Airport and this happened

Security agencies at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos have confiscated 17 checked-in luggage of popular Nigerian musician, David Adeleke, ( also known as Davido) for the breach of Nigerian civil aviation rules.

The security agencies took the action following attacks by aids of the musician on Aviation Security (AVSEC), Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) and Checkport personnel at the Lagos airport. Davido had arrived on board an Emirates Airlines on Thursday evening.
It was gathered  that trouble started when a Checkport staff at the baggage reclaim area demanded to check the tags on the check-in luggage of Davido to confirm if it corresponded with the reclaimed luggage, “but, the enquiry of the personnel did not go down well with one of the aide of Davido who refused to tender the tags and instead became violent and resorted to using abusive words against the staff.

“After few minutes of exchange of words, the aide, allegedly punched the Checkport staff in the face while another Customs personnel close to the scene of the incident did not escape his vicious attacks.

“The attacks on personnel led to the reinforcement of security personnel who bundled him to Tango City within the terminal,” he added.

Tango City is place where unruly passengers and touts within the airport are taken to by security agencies.

However, at the Tango City, rather than behave well, the aide continued his attack on two AVSEC personnel, and a Customs officer who he attacked and cut his wrist in the process.
It was at this point that the attention of Davido who was already outside the terminal awaiting the collection of his luggage from his aide was drawn to the incident.
It was gathered that when Daivo arrived the scene, he attempted to effect the release of his aide, but was refused by the security agencies and insisted on taking the detained aide to Airport Police Command headquarters.
The source who was an eye-witness said: “Davido had arrived Lagos Airport as usual with about 17 luggage in all. The rule is that whenever you arrive, you are expected to release your tags to the Checkport staff for confirmation and verification, but rather than comply with the simple rule, one of his aides insisted he won’t allow them to check the tags.
“But, unfortunately, this aide refused to be checked and rather than obey the simple civil aviation rule, he resorted to attacks on everybody. He attacked. No fewer than four officials were beaten by the person in question with at least two of them soaked in blood.”
As at the time of filling this report, the security agencies are yet to release the 17 seized luggage of Davido.

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