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Eclipse in 11 US states

The moon is passing between the Earth and Sun today – an astronomical phenomenon known as a solar eclipse.
Those who are standing directly in the moon’s shadow on Earth, can see the disc of the moon move slowly in front of the sun until it covers it completely, leaving only a burning ring of light around the edge.
This is known as a total solar eclipse.
Those who are not in the so-called “path of totality” may still see a partial solar eclipse.
The sky darkens and the temperature drops as the moon obscures part of the sun from view.
The best place to see the solar eclipse is in the United States, where the path of totality passes through 11 US states.
It will reach the coast of Oregon at Lincoln City, just west of Salem, at 17:04 BST (09:04 local time).
The eclipse will reach its maximum point here at 18:17 BST (10:17 local time).
From here, the Moon’s central shadow will move inland across Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.
It will reaching the town of Charleston, South Carolina at 18.16 BST (13:16 local time), and will reach its maximum point at 18:47 BST (14:47 local time), before moving out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Source: Mirror

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