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How Pastor’s wife was killed by Irate youths in Kano

By Adamu Abdullahi, Kano


For Mrs. Bridget Agbaheme, Thursday June 2, 2016 was another day God has blessed as she came to open her shop located at Kofar Wambai market in Kano.
Nothing in her inkling told her that she would not see the next day or that she would spend the night in a morgue, but event that developed later that day even proved that Mrs Agbaheme’s belief about the day was wrong.
She was tragically killed by some irate Moslem youths from the northern part of the country, who were allegedly incited by another man identified only as Dauda.
Witnesses who saw the tragic death of Mrs. Agbaheme disclosed that she had been trading at Kofar Wambai market for the past nine years but had an alleged troublesome neighbour named Dauda.
It was gathered that Dauda runs a shop next to Mrs. Agbaheme adding that he habitually offloads his plastics in the front of the deceased’s shop against her wish.
The witnesses recalled over time, the trespass had led to dispute between the co- tenants, and these incidences were reported to their landlord, one Alhaji Mustapha as well as to the Kofar Wambai Market Union.
“On Thursday, at about 3.30 pm , just as the deceased was about to close for the day, she noticed that Dauda was doing his ablution in the front of her shop.
“She asked him out of her frontage, but the man refused and a dispute ensued.
“Soon after, the same Dauda went out to a small crowd and spoke to them in Hausa language. But she did not understand what he said and stayed there.
“And all of a sudden, people started gathering and due to the crowd, the deceased and her husband were moved to the shop of the said Mustapha.
“Mustapha tried to dissuade them but they did not agree. Rather than reduce, the crowd kept increasing. Mustapha then locked up both of them inside his shop in protective custody, but the crowd climbed through the louvers, broke into the building and killed the woman right in the presence of her husband” he said.
“To be fair, the police came but were overwhelmed by the mob. The crowd locked the gate to that particular building until they have got her dead. It was later that the Area Command sent in a reinforcement, but by this time the evil deed had been done.”
“The corpse of the woman was later wrapped with a prayer mat and a curtain and conveyed to the mortuary” said the witness.
Meanwhile, the police in Kano said that they have made an arrest. Kano State Public Relations Officer, DSP Magaji Musa Majiya said that the suspect have been transferred to CID for discreet investigation of the matter.
He confirmed that the complex of shops, where the incident happened is still being sealed by the police but added that the rest of the market has been opened. He urged Muslims and Christians in the state to go about their business without fear.

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  1. What is wrong with this people please!

  2. I don’t think Islam is a religion of peace rather of war and hatred.

  3. God will judge all her killer

  4. Only God will help us with this iisuting prophet acussation even somebody lied against you no way to defend yourself. I urged Christian who love there lives to go away from this sharia region. My own prophet and lord gives his life and nobody was ever killed for his.

    • it is not Islam that told him to kill,in fact it is even sinful to harm ur neighbor with your
      actions either directly or indirectly…This guys are ignorant people who know nothing about their religion or respect for human lives always acting on impulse without thinking…it’s very saddening and unfortunate that most of their actions are attributed to Islam….would advise y’all to condemn the action nd the persons involved not the Religion because as much as I knw ISLAM is indeed a religion of peace..read abt Islam and don’t judge based on what we see,hear on media

  5. This is rubbish! Behead someone in Nigeria? All the culprits should be arrested and tried

  6. We truly need law of Moses on this part so what they did to the woman should be done to them ‘what a painful exit. RIP

  7. All this Aboki’s in the eastern part begging for money will soon join that woman.

  8. Should they therefore start killing anyone accused of insulting holy mary in the east whether he or she is guilty or not. These people are nothing but wild animals in human skin.

  9. Where are the igbos in that market

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