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How rice smugglers try to beat Customs

The spokesman of the Nigeria Customs Service, Seme Command Selechang Taupyen,  on Thursday disclosed that rice smugglers have devised new method to beat security checks at the borders.

According to Taupyen, the latest tactic of smugglers is to wrap bags of rice as corpses and load them in hearses.

He said 11 bags of imported rice, wrapped as a corpse, were seized recently, with one Moses Degbogbahun arrested in connection with the incident.

“The smuggler concealed the smuggled bags of rice in a Volvo ambulance with Reg. No. DV 74 EKY and he was arrested along Aradagun toll gate area of Badagry,” he said.

“The mobile patrol team led by Chief Superintendent of Customs M. Ozah noted the frequent movement of the ambulance and this aroused curiosity of the team, and the vehicle was stopped for proper examination.

“During the examination, 11 bags of imported rice were discovered and they were carefully arranged and wrapped as a corpse. The suspect is still undergoing investigation for possible prosecution.”

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