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I have never been this sick-Buhari


President  Muhammadu Buhari on Friday admitted he had been very sick, contrary to views earlier held by his aides that he was hale and hearty.

President Buhari while meeting with members Federal Executive Council (FEC), heads of security agencies and governors confessed he has never been so sick in his life.‎

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed as well as Presidential Spokesman, Femi Adesina had at different times told Nigerians that Buhari was hale, hearty but only on extended holiday based on his doctor’s advice and to carry out more tests.‎

Buhari‎ arrived 8.37 am at Presidential Villa and emerged from  the Presidential Chopper 8.42 am.

He was received by the members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC), all heads of security agencies and the governors Kogi, Yahaya Bello and Zamfara, Abdulaziz Yari‎.

Addressing the country from the State House, shortly after arriving from London, President Buhari said he was fully committed to serving the nation and protecting the right of all Nigerians.‎

The President alluded to the fact that he underwent lots of tests and even had a blood transfusion, added that he received best of treatment and he was feeling better. He said will however need to do further follow ups within some weeks.

Buhari who said he was appreciative of prayers from Nigerians from all works of life, advised against  self-medication.

“I have rested as much as humanly possible, I have received I think the best of treatment I could receive. I couldn’t recall being so sick since I was a young man, including the military with its ups and downs. I found out that technology is going so fast that if you have a lot of confidence you better keep it because you need it. ‎Blood transfusions, going to the laboratories, and so on and so forth, but I am very pleased that we, when I say we I mean the government and the people all over are trying to keep with technology.

“I couldn’t recall when last I had blood transfusion, I couldn’t recall honestly I can say in my 70 years. ‎I couldn’t remember this drug that Nigerians take so much, very common.‎ I think one of our terrible things is self drug administration. We have to trust our doctors more and trust ourselves more, the places I visited they only take drugs when it is absolutely necessary. They don’t just swallow everything”. ‎

The President who said ‎the best way to pay back Nigerians is to rededicate himself to service to the country, protecting the nation’s interest in order to keep the trust, kicked against sending delegations to Abuja to welcome him.

According Buhari, there is a difference between his last year’s vacation and this year’s, adding that he and Osinbajo took turns to go on vacation.

“There is a remarkable difference between what happened now and what happened last year.

“When it was getting to Christmas I told the Vice President, I know he has got a church therefore he has to go home. I said ok let us do it turn by turn, you go for Christmas and the New Year and when you come back I will go. He said yes.

“I suspected he didn’t go home, when he came back, I said ok it will be my turn in some months time. This time around I said we better do the same, I didn’t know he had the same principles, but for me I feel that I was a little more tired than I probably was in last 18 months. Whatever the case , I am very grateful that Nigerians are appreciative of what all of us are doing as a group. I am very pleased with them”, he said.

Buhari said he was conscious of the cost of his treatment abroad, he however said he was pleased to be back.

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