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Nigerians anxious to watch rare lunar eclipse

Some Nigerians on Sunday said they were anxious to watch the lunar eclipse expected to occur in the early hours of Monday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), on Friday said Nigeria would join other countries of the world to experience a total lunar eclipse on Monday.

NAN also reports that the eclipse would start across Nigeria in the early hours of Monday at approximately, 3:36a.m. to reach its maximum at 6:12a.m., and end at about 6:43a.m.

According to NASRDA, “Lunar eclipse occurs only when the sun, earth and moon are exactly aligned with the earth between the two.

Some Nigerians, who spoke with NAN expressed their anxiousnes to watch it, adding that it would be an amazing opportunity.

Mr John Maxwell, a geography teacher, explained that this particular phenomenon was called a super blood wolf moon.

Maxwell said that he learnt that the eclipse would be total with the moon becoming reddish-like blood.

“I also heard that the moon would be closer to the earth than normal, and appear to be slightly bigger and brighter,” he said.

Maxwell said that he had already set his alarm clock to be awake to see the eclipse.

Mrs Mary Lucky, a trader, said that growing up, she used to fill buckets with water to have a clear view of an eclipse.

Lucky said that it had been awhile since she witnessed one, so watching this lunar eclipse would be an opportunity she wouldn’t like to miss.

“I will wake my children to watch, as it is one of God’s wonders and we can’t afford to miss it, “she said.

Mr Mubarak Isah, a civil servant, said that as soon as he heard there would be an eclipse, he did further research on it and discovered that it was a rare one.

“Interestingly, they said that this year’s lunar eclipse is the last of its kind for two years.

“I also heard that it would last for more than an hour; this is really going to be an interesting watch,” he said.

Mr David James, also a civil servant, said that he learnt that anyone who missed watching this particular one would have to wait for two years before seeing another.

James said that though other lunar eclipses would occur, the phenomenon combined to make this particular unique would not happen again till 2021. (NAN)

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