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Nigerians cast stones on the adulterous wife

Nigerians queued behind Ezekiel Igbokwe, the 32-year-old man who allegedly caught a strange man making love to his wife in their home and killed him.
In what appeared to be like an unanimous judgment, Nigerian commenting on the internet said the man should just be allowed to go scot free and the woman properly dealt with by the people of her area.
Here are the some comment: Tope Esekutive
How convenient for madam Juliet to claim the dead randy Victor Oladokun used charms on her…that’s hogwash. Did she complain to her husband over this pressure on her for 6 months by Victor? Charm don’t work that way, unless there is a legitimate spiritual grounds for it to work, besides, if it is that easy to use charm the way she is describing this matter, then every fetish minded man or woman would use charms to sleep with every married or beautiful woman they feel like, vice versa.
She has already told the fact, that she and her husband suffers turbulence marriage and he leaves home for months in such scenarios.
Lastly, Victor was confident to go to the lady’s home to sleep that night, meaning that was not his first time doing so. Also, fighting the husband demonstrates misplaced confidence that he wasn’t trespassing, hence contending with the husband. If the oldest son of Juliet is carefully interviewed, he might be able to shed more light on the intimate relationship between Juliet and Victor.
The blame goes to victor and he got what he asked for by encroaching on already occupied grounds. A good lawyer will absolve Igbokwe from going to jail and his family can get Juliet traditionally dealt with for desecrating her marriage and disgracing their son and his family.
As for the police….well, they remain as unprofessional as ever.

The Talking Drum
Bros Igbokwe killed the man in self defense. Can’t U see that? The randy victor was more powerful and even over powered him. So what do U expect him to do? Certainly Mr. igbokwe will be punish for manslaughter but he will not spent his life in jail.

This is a lesson to other Victors that ride another peoples wives thinking they have power and muscle. Those justifying the action of Victor Oladokun, you better be careful with married women because I can read some on saying that does not justify the murdering of victor.So you have been tolerating men coming to your house hitting your madam ,slapping you and run away.Or you have been doing same to other people wives.You know there are some consequences that are gruesome than death.Try Magun,Thunderbolt or those that will turn your balls to N500 Watermelon size. This is pure self defense,if the adulterer has ended up killing Ezekiel,the stupid wife will just say it is an robbery attack and She will go back to go and marry that her stupid dead lover who has the gut to come and sleep in another persons matrimonial.


If he could wrench himself from the victim’s grasp to make the trip to the bathroom, he could easily have escaped. That is as regards to the claim that he was overpowered and was being pummeled so he needed a little something to level the playing field.

To a great extent though I sympathise with Igbokwe, the supposed perp, because I really can’t say that I would certainly have acted differently if I caught some dude with my wife… on our matrimonial bed! Now he has been put in such a pickle for a fault that is hardly his. There are actually justice systems around the world that will find nothing wrong in what Igbokwe did. In France, crimes of passion, or crime passionnel, are perfectly legal, not strictly of course but under many ramifications that are inexcusably criminal in some other countries. It’s regrettable that a life was lost, but the deceased is every bit as culpable in his own death as Igbokwe



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