Anambra State governor Willie Obiano has given more revelation into the killing of some church members of St Philip Catholic Church Ozubulu, Anambra State, South East Nigeria.
According to the Gov Obiano the crisis leading to the killing of the church members was a of a long battle between two business partners who are from the Ozubulu.
The Governor said he has been fully informed that this dangerous conflict has been going on for a while in the country where business partners outside resides before they decided to bring the conflict home. He assured the indigenes of the state to be calm and remain law abiding as “ Anambra is too hot for them to operate here, going forward.”
He said: This explanation, I believe, has erased the fears that the incident may have been caused by either some terrorist organizations or some members of some groups of agitators in the country.
“Brothers and sisters, what happened in Ozubulu was neither a terror attack as we know it, nor a violent action by some agitators. We are dealing with a dangerous GANG WAR that has spilled over to Anambra State from another African country. But this is the last time it will happen under my watch!
“Fellow citizens, I want to assure you that we are on top of this situation. We are completely in charge here. The people directly and remotely involved in this crime are known to the law enforcement agencies. But no suspect, no matter how highly placed, is above the law. So, we have taken bold steps to bring them to book and restore the peace and tranquility that Anambra State has enjoyed since the past three years.
‘Sincerely, there is no cause for fear or alarm here. Anambra state is safe. Our churches and places of worship are safe. So, our people should not be discouraged from going to church to serve their God because what happened in Amakwa, Ozubulu is an isolated case. It will not happen again! Ndi Anambra should continue to sleep with both eyes closed because we are staying awake for them. In the words of Wendell Philips, the American abolitionist and liberal activist, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” We have chosen to stay awake that Anambra may find sleep! I repeat, never again will this type of bloodshed happen in Anambra State under me!”

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