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See what Nigerians are saying about Buhari’s ministers

The president of the Senate Bukola Saraki today read out the list of President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministerial nominees on the food of the Senate and subsequently announced that the screening exercise will begin next Tuesday.
Though the list has been in the public domain since last week, no sooner had the Senate President reeled off the names than Nigerians started reacting on social media. As usual, the reactions came as a mixture of dissent and satisfaction. Below are some of the reactions from Facebook and Twitter:


“It will be too early to judge whether he has chosen right or not, until we see the second list. From the first list that has now been made public, it is quite clear that Buhari is walking a very tight rope politically, trying to balance between his personal wish and that of the ruling APC party. And that is what he needs to do to convince us of the genuineness of his democrat credentials, and in order for him to move the nation forward. The country has been suffering from inaction brought about mainly by not having ministers in place over four months since his May 29 inauguration. There are good names on the list – I don’t need to mention them. The president has constitutional constraints as well, in that all states have to be represented in the federal executive council. Therefore, it will be right to say that those who felt or thought they should be on the list and could not find their names on it could later have their opportunity before the end of term of this government – there could be cabinet reshuffle as time goes on. I am therefore not raising the red flag yet until I see the complete list. Whatever the case may be, knowing the type of person President Buhari is, I am most certain that he would have enough good talents in the cabinet to do a good job with.” KAYODE SOYINKA, Founder/Publisher at Africa Today Magazine
“To the extent that he nominated Nigerians and not “angels” from heaven or some characters from another planet as we were meant to believe, we commend him. At least we have realized now that angels do not inhabit the planet earth, but in heaven and so, Buhari needed Nigerians, regardless of their weaknesses and foibles, and regardless of whether they are fallen angels to realize whatever dream he and his party has for the country. However, we still await the complete unveiling of all his ministerial nominees to be able to distill the politicians from the technocrats who are expected to drive the change axiom. But talking seriously, Buhari wasted Nigerians precious time to unveil what we have today as his likely team players given the hullaballoo that shrouded it. the biblical saying of “is this who is to come or shall we wait for another” is quite apt.” Ogwuike Nwachukwu, EXECUTIVE EDITOR/ EDITOR at TheNiche on Sunday
“To an extent he chose right! Whichever way you look at it, people – Nigerians must be chosen. What matters is each individual’s ability to deliver as well well as the system’s ability to make me deliver-accountable.” Onyekachi Nwosu, worked at SOCIETE GENERALE BANK NIGERIA LIMITED
“There is no better way to describe, it as a ‘Ministerial Compensation List’. And to think that it took him a whole four months to pick the nominees. Many Nigerians are disappointed about this list and they are expressing their frustration already. Maybe we should expect the real change when he releases the second batch of nominees.” Daniel Alabrah, works in Abuja
“Bukola Saraki’s father was among the senators that screened Audu Ogbeh in 1979, Bukola should be in secondary school then. Bukola will preside over Audu Ogbeh’s screening again in 2015. Nigerian youths are indeed leaders of tomorrow, the endless cycle of recycling continues to drag the country back retrogressively and the bulk of the votes comes from the youths whose ideas are
considered to be …”  Okoro Jnr Vincent, Works at Oste Nigeria Limited, Lagos
“It was rather unfortunate and shameful, after Buhari has wasted four months: In searching for noisemakers in APC, these are the names, he can come up with. He should still continue to be a sole administrator. Senators should reject all these past governors who are corrupt. They are not worthy to hold any public office. Total display of incompetency and lack governance. What a shame for APC.” Austin Emy, Student
“So these are the saints we have been waiting for, more than hundred days after inauguration. God please help Nigeria! List of Buhari’s Noise makers is out atlast, Almost all of them were one time PDP member. Change has come to Nigeria.
He said ministers are noise makers. When I saw Ameachi, Fashiola and co…I know really they are noise makers. We now have noise maker and not changer makers in Nigeria. Even Lier mohamed for minister, minister of what propaganda or what…. Buhari’s angels unfolded at last after 4 months of searching for the never corrupt individuals in Nigeria…… even the Okija politician and the chief liar of the world? This is to show that Buhari is not worth what people take him to be how can someone that go around the whole world telling people that he want to fight corruption select all the paste criminal as ministers. Whether we want to take it or leave it, dis list is a ‘Settlement’ list and a return on political investment for 80% of d nominees.” Elder Obawusi Obafemi, Lives in Lagos
Really l am one of the strong supporter of APC/Buhari regime but l am very disappointed about this list… Waiting for almost six months to present same old people to us as a Minister is not good enough. We are expecting fresh and brain people to bring the change we voted for… I hope the next list will be better.

Yusouf S. Abdullahi Zuntu, Staff of ikara local government education authority

Very good job mr president,we have support and we still pray for this govment to radicate 16 years of illiterate PDP adminstration, and also sir we want diezani to be in inprison for the rest of her life.

Awwal Kangiwa, Senior Scientific Officer at the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA) Abuja
Before the list, Jonathanians were shouting Amaechi, Fashola and Fayemi ‘don enter one chance’. Buhari took time to check these former governors because of your daily castigation about how corrupt these gentlemen are. Now that the check is over and they are nominated, instead of you to lobby your senators to screen them out if they are found wanting, here you are shamelessly wailing as usual!

iTweet Crap @Henrys_Handle
Buhari waited 5 months just to release the same names we were all expecting to appear on the #AppreciationList sorry I mean #MinisterialList

Ms_independent♥ @Neniethisisme
I belong to everybody, I belong to nobody. BIG LIE. Mr president, you belong to your party. #MinisterialList of errand boys.

Shafi’i Hamidu @shafzon
#MinisterialList: How comes young people are conspicuously missing from #TheList? I am wailing on our behalf.

Onye #2ndNigerBridge @cchukudebelu
In all honesty, Jonathan appointed more technocrats as ministers (Adesina, NOI, Johnson etc) than what I’m seeing on the #MinisterialList.

Princeadegoroye @OmobaHardeyOla
How do we eradicate d spirit of indifference? If after 4month PMB still parade same old faces as ministers #MinisterialList

iTweet Crap @Henrys_Handle
With the names on this #MinisterialList CHANGE under Buhari will only become a myth.

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