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Surprise! Buhari ‘calls’ Ghaddafi from the dead

Surprise, seven years after Libyan strongman, Maummer Ghaddafi was killed by irate youths in the country, Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari has blamed him for the rising insurgents in the Northern part of the country, particularly, the killings by suspected herdsmen.
Buhari on Wednesday publicly blamed Gaddafi who was killed seven years ago for the ongoing killings across central Nigeria.
The killings have long been linked to herdsmen, and some herders of the Fulani ethnic stock have claimed responsibility for some attacks.
In London with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on Wednesday, President Buhari said the arms Mr. Gaddafi provided to his supporters had filtered into Nigeria where they are now being used to fuel killings across the north-central.
“The problem is even older than us,” Mr. Buhari said of killings. “It has always been there, but now made worse by the influx of armed gunmen from the Sahel region into different parts of the West African sub-region.”
“These gunmen were trained and armed by Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. When he was killed, the gunmen escaped with their arms. We encountered some of them fighting with Boko Haram.”

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