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Why LASU lecturer wife abandoned him for bricklayer

36-year-old woman jilts LASU lecturer husband, finds love in the home of 34-year-old bricklayer

It was drama recently at the Igando area of Lagos as the wife of Suraju Oyekunle, a  university lecturer,  Mrs Kafayat Oyekunle, abandoned a cozy apartment to hibernate with a bricklayer

who revealed that she was pregnant for her bricklayer lover, Fatai Alimi, has given birth to a baby girl for her lover.

P.M.EXPRESS Online reported that she was also living with Alimi as his wife in their one room apartment in Igando area of Lagos despite the comfort of the home of her embattled husband.

This was confirmed by Kafayat who said that her embattled husband left them alone after he discovered that she was pregnant for her lover.

Fatai Alimi was initially arraigned in court for allegedly snatching her from her husband, Suraju Oyekunle, in Lagos, Nigeria.

The 36-year-old woman made the revelation when she went to the court to bail Alimi from custody and met her embattled husband there.

She also said her decision to dump her husband and move into Alimi’s home was due to her inability to bear another child after living with Oyekunle for 13 years.

She revealed that after their only son was born 12 years ago, they had tried all they could to bear another child to no avail until a few months ago when she met Alimi and she immediately became pregnant for him.

Kafayat denied she was abducted and said it was a decision she took voluntarily because Oyekunle was not taking care of her.

She said since she met Alimi, things had changed in her life and she now had rest of mind. She also revealed that her family was aware of the development and in support of her decision. She said Alimi was better in everything despite his poor status in the society.

The 34-year-old Alimi was arrested and charged before a Lagos court for allegedly snatching Kafayat.The incident happened in the Igando area of Lagos, Nigeria, where Oyekunle resided with Kafayat and their only son.

Kafayat was allegedly so much in love with Alimi that she packed all her property and moved into the bricklayer’s small apartment in an undisclosed place in the same Igando with their only male child.

Kafayat had married Oyekunle for 13 years and the marriage produced their only son before she met Alimi and moved out of her matrimonial home on October 15, 2016.

P.M. EXPRESS gathered that Kafayat told her neighbours that she decided to consolidate on the new relationship by moving into Alimi’s apartment when her husband travelled. When her husband returned from his trip and did not find his wife and son, he started making inquiries and neighbours informed him that his wife had moved into Alimi’s house as his new wife.

Oyekunle went straight and reported the matter at Igando police division who trailed Alimi and eventually arrested him at a construction site in Igando where he had gone to work and charged him to court.

P.M. EXPRESS gathered when the embattled lecturer discovered that she was actually pregnant for Alimi, he stopped coming to court and the matter was struck out.

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