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Elections: Postponement takes tolls on Nigerians

The just postponed national election in Nigeria, will have a devastating impact on the economy, especially on those who are directly involved in ensuring that the election is adequately covered.

For instance, the media which have deployed a lot of logistics into covering of the election will have to readjust to comply with the new date of February 23.

The Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had at mid night announced it was shifting the February 16, 2019 presidential and federal legislative elections to February 23 while the governorship elections will be shifted from March 2, 2019 t0 March 9, 2019.

However, most media organisation have deployed their staff to states to enable them have good coverage from the 36 state of the federation, spending huge amount in local transportation, hotel accommodation and other logistics deployment.

As it stands, the reporters dispatched to states for the coverage will have to remain in their locations eating and nosing around, especially in consideration that the election is just shifted by one week.

What it means economically is that the media organisations will have to deploy more money to enable the journalists remain in their locations comfortably.

Apart from the media, Nigerians generally are counting their losses. Some who have schedule wedding for February 23, the new date for the elections, will have to now think of a new date, especially when movement of persons and goods are restricted on the day of elections.

Business activities will also grind to a halt within this one week, because with the Nigerian borders with other countries within West Africa closed, the problems of country to country trade which is one major areas from where revenues are earned by citizens who largely provide for themselves will be affected.

Schools that were shut down during the week for a four days break to give room for election, will have to extend their holidays by another one week and school children will now stay at home for two weeks.

Security agencies who are waiting for the elections to carry out major reshufflement will have to wait further as the election has been shifted to a new date while police and military personnel prepared for the election and will be re-equipped logistics wise to enable them maintain troops presence.

In all these, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will have to print new ballot papers, result sheets and other material had February 16, 2019 on them to reflect the new dates. All these will be cost of postponing the election.

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