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Journalist goes underground after threats

These really are not the best of times for a Lagos based Journalist as not only is he being hunted by unknown persons, he now lives in fear of the fate that may befall him and his family as they carry out their day to day activities.
Identified as George Umunnakwe, the Editor-in-Chief of Global Business Edge Magazine, an Online platform had in April, 2018, broke a story about “a ‘vengeful’ appointee of the Federal government who was bent on destroying the civil service carrier of some directors who according to him ‘did not support his appointment as the chief executive officer of the parastatal under the Ministry of Information’.

He accused the directors of encouraging his predecessor to delay handing over to him as the new CEO.
Few days after the story was published, one of his lines became host to threatening calls from anonymous caller. They did stop at that, as the line received from threat messages with the caller whose identity is still unknown, barked:  “you have touched the lion’s tail and will reap the repercussion, we are watching your every day activity, how and when you drop your son off in school, we are well connected and know you are the author of that story against our Oga“. With these threats, he said: “I started watching my back, counting my footsteps and mindful of places I and my family goes to, aware of the area I reside in Ejigbo, a suburb area of Lagos and how porous it is when it comes to security.”
The editor in chief of Global Business Edge Magazine, was however not lucky as he was brutally attacked in the the night while returning from work in the last days of April, 2018. He was lucky to have escaped with a broken right hand wrist. His handset and some valuables with him were lost in the sudden attack that happened around the bush path that leads to his house. “I really thank God for the timely intervention of some youths in the area who heard my wailing and saw the scuffle. They mobilised and came to my aid otherwise my dead body would have been dumped in the bush”, he stated.
While the police and local vigilante group in the area were made to know what transpired, he will wake up days later to find blood sprinkled around the gate of his compound. He did what every right thinking person in his shoes would have done – stopped sleeping in the compound.

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