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Tinubu disagrees with Buhari on restructuring

  • says we must restructure Nigeria now

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the weekend aligned with those canvassing for restructuring, saying “it would be better to restructure things to attain the correct balance between our collective purpose on one hand and our separate grassroots realities on the other.”
The former Lagos State governor spoke as Keynote Speaker at the 2017 Annual Dinner of King’s College Old Boys’ Association (KCOBA) in Lagos, noting that, “The legacy of undemocratic rule has arrogated too much power and resources to the federal at the expense of state governments. The quest to correct the imbalance is the essence of federalism I have advocated for so many years.”
Speaking on the topic, ‘A New Nigeria or a Better One: The Fitting Tools of a Great Repair’
He was represented by former Lagos State Commissioner for Finance, Wale Edun, explaining that the imbalance created by the federal system has created an imbalance between the roles of the federal and state governments and in this lies the root of Nigeria’s difficulties.
“To achieve better levels of overall governance, we need to re-balance the duties of the federal and state governments, adding that, “due to our particular political history and its military legacy, the quality of our federalism and the quality of our democracy are intertwined. The more we repair federalism, is the more we improve democracy.
“In my mind, federalism denotes a division of labour between the federal and state governments that functions to maximize the benefits of governance to the people.
Tinubu, however, cautioned those agitating for the break-up of the country to tread softly, noting that taking such step “would make us more vulnerable to outside influences.”
He affirmed his belief in Nigeria, noting that it would become a great nation and a leader among other African nations.
He words: “I am a firm believer in Nigeria. I believe this land will become a great nation and a leader among other African nations. We can resolve our dysfunctions in a manner that will make this nation rise as a standard of decency, justice and prosperity for all Nigerians.
“So many excellent people have devoted themselves, even given their very lives, to give life to this nation. I dare not cast aside their hardy and brave work as if it were nothing. Many things we now enjoy and see as good are due to these people. We have benefited from their labour and sacrifice. Morality and my understanding of our history will not allow me to discard such contributions to our humanity and common welfare.
“Being more pragmatic, separating the nation into small pieces resolves nothing and creates additional problems. The world marches toward integration. Europe, America, Asia seek trade and commercial pacts that will make them more integrated markets. Notwithstanding Brexit, the European Union (EU) grows more integrated in the functions of governance by the day. Thus, while nations more powerful and developed than us seek to pool their wealth and might, some of us seek to whittle this nation into smaller pieces.”

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